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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

okay, Liar.
I cannot part with my blogger, so i am stillgonna use it till it expires.
post post post!!

11:44 PM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Hello creatures of the Earth or whoever that is reading,

I think I am officially going to change to Livejournal. I know the controversy of fake people using lj and what not, I guess its just letting things out.
And that would be the best choice for first choice.
Haha :)

till then,
see you at kimboolay.livejournal.com!
even though it needs a lot of renovation!

10:23 AM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Monday, June 09, 2008

so yes, i got into OSIP.
no more 800 per month pay, lets settle for a 200 USD with plenty of sunshine and alot of expenses awaiting me okay?
its gonna be a good experience.
if all else fails, it would be happy rooms division for the love of lodging,
or stuck in a restaurant in town surrounded by an array of designer shops.
or tucked away at the gardens?
i have no idea just yet.

haha, lets see if FS wants me to be part of their 'people'

till then, i shall bury myself in zomggg menu and bevergaes and the compiling because i called off the meeting.

To you,
I just want you to know that I will always be here for you if you ever need me.
And it is really sad to see a lady react the way she did, despite only talking to me on two or three occasions.
She is really really sad and I really hope you will be there for her.
I know it may not be really easy for you to take the first step, but I will be there to help you along the way.
Because nothing beats seeing you and her with a big genuine smile plastered on your face.
Lets take the first step for the dinner date on friday alright?
Text me if its alright.
When it gets dark and cold at night, just remember that I am here and I love you!

10:13 AM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Friday, June 06, 2008

I have an eraser in my head


I'm watching this really sad Korean drama about this couple, but the girl has Alzheimer's disease only at the ageof 27, some rare genetic disease.
Its the second time I am watching this and I am crying like mad.
Like maddd...
goodness, the male lead is zamn handsome la.
Okay, lets go buy the dvd right away!
"Shen Qing Shi Hai"

I repeat, the male lead is damnnnn hot.

Today is TPSU's internal voting.
I hope everyone will have fun in their different positions and continue to work together as a team. Because this will be another exciting and challenging journey!
And everyone to do what is within their position and give more than what is required for their position. This will make this place a even better place for everyone.
I hope I'm not a doing or saying too much :)
TPSU Executive Committee 08/09, go all the way!

Thought really harda bout the offer, what will happen if I did.
But I hope it would be better if I did.

she said, " I have an eraser in my head"
I wish I had one too.



courtesy to the fab ladies at thehappynest!
normal mail: + $2.50 only :)

9:54 AM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


to all who cared, thank you.
things are much better, both issues are more or less cleared up.
what can be done is done, what cant be done, will be probably ignored to stop all these dark clouds from gathering.
but i still cannot help but be so fantabulously upset about things.
but since the damage is done and change took place, there's nothing we can do about it.
stick with it.

to think that i would scroll down to click first, instead of the many ones i could click.
to think that i could trust you with all my heart, instead of the many others.
to think that i got angry with nic for saying such things about, instead of agreeing.
which i would probably agree to right now...

let it be.

9:40 AM

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


To Eat List
  1. Crab Bee Hoon at AMK (Note to self and other half: Mummy say its our turn to queue now!)
  2. Aston's Expree at Serangoon
  3. Waraku at Central (Not on a horrible friday night like how loners nearly died)
  4. Honjin Buffet
  5. Manhattan's Fish Market
  6. Carnivore Brazillian whatever at Vivo
  7. Ayam Penyet at Lucky Plaza
  8. Katong Laksa at Roxy Square
  9. Din Tai Fung for the nibbling Xiao Long Bao
  10. Tim Sum Buffet at Harbourfront Centre
  11. Tim Sum at Redstar
  12. Sapinos Pizza at my doorstep (because no BEEF in the house!)
  13. Millions of Fried Mushroom at Century Square

I guess that's all!

11:33 AM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Please dont tell me how STUPID i am.
I freaking hell scheduled for work on the 8th June 2007.
THE 8TH OF JUNE 2007!!!!!

(if you dont know what TBG is, go google or youtube and type The Big Groove and you'll hear groovy music with people grooving to it.. you really are missing out..)
















KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really wanna scold the f word even though its already in my mind. hmmm...
and and the worst thing i dont even know if there will be full attendance for Ky's side.
Kick me, slap me, kill me.
Why does eveything else goes wrong when everything is going wrong?

oh yes, recalled the interior motive of this entry.
im still upset. and pissed. and unhappy. and absolutely feeling betrayed.
the past is all but lies. HAHA.

its june, i should be happy.

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

9:02 AM

I love vintage & rouge-.


Monday, June 02, 2008

it wasnt only yesterday that I found out Mary-Kate & Ashley smokes.
I know i know, probably the whole wide world knows about it
But dont blame me for not finding it out and spoiling their perfect little millionaire girls image in my head.
God, and NCCL said that they BOTH are bulimic as well.
Like BOTH, I thought it was always MK only?

oh well, they are still such wonderful eyecandies to look at.
I wonder if they'll send me their used clothes if I dropped them a threat letter.

not at all.

11:32 PM

I love vintage & rouge-.


as far as I don't wish for this to carry on, I dont want this to end.

10:57 AM

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ohhh well,

all thanks to the akipapipu form Grapevine who messed up my schedule.
There is no work today, so I officially (not quite so..) start next week I suppose.
I thought I MIA big time, but man, wait till you meet this guy.
He doesnt reply his msgs and all you know!

OSIP interview went well, my mind was in a blank when I answered the first question.
And things went okay after that.. after listening to those carefully structured answers from the other interviewees, like OHWELL, BUCK UP ALREADY!
things went well I guess, look forward to the management's call or its hello Singapore.

Elections results are out, all went well I guess.
For those who got in, congrats and do a good job.
For those who havent, its okay, I beleive you can serve the school and union in another way.
The other Ps and VPs for the constituent clubs are pretty zai too, im glad im very glad :)
Go TP! Here's to another great year of leadership, fun-filled events, tears, blood, sweat and laughter! I love TP :D

I've been hearing alot about things, and I dont know how and why I dont have the exact things to say as well.
It seems as if everyone has everyone else, but I stand here alone.
After 4 years, I still feel alone.
After 3 more years, I still feel alone.
Maybe its just fate or anything, I dont seem to be in luck.
Could be the narciscism?
I dont know.
But I would tell you a million sorrys if anything I did displeased you.
I feel alone.


6:36 AM

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